Game Options Reference

In the following tables you can find the list of the flags you may use to start gccg.
To use them you must edit your launcher (i.e. Cthulu.bat, Metw.bat, Nr.bat...), or append them to the command line, like shown in the examples at the end of this page.

 Game Option's Flags

 Debugging & Unusual Flags


Suppose you have installed the Metw package and now you want to change some settings for it.
In windows the default Metw.bat file looks like this: If you want your Metw client to run in fullscreen mode, with no sounds you just need to edit the last line this way:
If you are running your client from a terminal (i.e. under GNU/Linux, Mac Os X, Cygwin etc...) you may just append the flags to the command line.
To run Metw client with no sound and 1280x800 design you could use this command: