Gygwin Installation

  • Download the Cygwin installer;
  • Run the installer and chose the Install from the Internet option
  • Give all the options you are requested until you are given the list of components available for installation: check that all categories are set to Default and then click View to change it to Full. Scroll the list and make sure packages perl and wget are included
  • You can now start a terminal window running the Gygwin.bat script and use the following commands:
  • You can finally use gccg_package to install the game modules

  • View the list available modules
  • Install game modules you wish to play where <game> may be lotr, metw, mtg or pokemon
  • If you used the default setup Gccg will be in C:\Cygwin\home\[username]\gccg\

     Running the Game

    Each game module has a startup script with the same name as the module, with capitalized first letter and .bat extension. You can launch the game using it.

    i.e. for metw module run

     Adding Card Images

    Card images can be installed using the .bat script referring to the graphics you want to install.

    i.e. to install metw card images run They can be installed also using the gccg_package.

    i.e. to install metw card images run

     Keeping Gccg Up to Date

    To update all installed packages, run: either way you can use gccg_package:
    Note: You may need to do chmod a+x * if windows binary package windows32 is updated.

     Common Problems

    If you encounter "The application fails to initialize properly" you may try opening a Cygwin terminal, go to the Gccg folder and use: Sometimes it seems that for some reason double-clicking Game.bat does not work. You can also try to launch the game from cygwin using command: